Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No Earl Warrens and no filibusters

Bizblogger: “You want anyone to listen to your suggestions for a nominee and/or be taken as anything other than a punchline? Win an election - then you can nominate whoever you wish.”
Roll Call (through Bench Memos): “There’s a lesson in that challenge that Democrats seem to have forgotten as they clamor for “joint power” in selecting the next Supreme Court justice. In all of their chest-beating calls for “moderation” and “consensus” and “cooperation,” Democrats, led by Sens. Edward Kennedy (Mass.) and Charles Schumer (N.Y.), are conveniently ignoring the one stumbling block to their desire for presidential power sharing — those pesky democratic elections when a president and his party earn the right to govern through majority rule and, in so doing, to also choose the nation’s judicial nominees.”

And true to Fred Barnes’ prediction, Harry Reid announced the Democrats would not filibuster a Supreme Court nominee just as John McCain was hinting that he would support the “nuclear/Constitutional” option to override a filibuster, if necessary. Let's bring back Miguel Estrada!

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