Friday, July 29, 2005

Is my CD collection too large? Never!

Today I was driving home and heard the excellent "Girlfriend" by Matthew Sweet over my XM radio receiver. Then I was wondering to myself: do I have that CD? Yes, yes I do.

If I remember correctly, Nick Hornby wrote in "High Fidelity" that you're not really a true music fan until you have 500 albums. I would also submit that once you start forgetting CDs you own because of your vast collection, that'll work as well.

(That reminds me: I need to pick up the new Belle & Sebastian and Jason Mraz.)

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JoeFriday said...

it's like the saying "[so and so] has forgotten more about [that subject] than most people ever knew"

and when you fill up a 20GB iPod with your favorite songs (not albums.. songs) and then have to prioritize those songs because you have to take some off to put new favorites on, then you know you've arrived