Sunday, July 31, 2005

Air America agrees to pay back the money they insist they didn’t take – The “sweaty” Brian Maloney has all the latest on the twisting Air America story.

Just as a side-note, I listened to the Air America show "Morning Sedition" late last week hoping against hope that they would address the faux loan issue in some peripheral way. No dice. Air America is all Rove all the time. Even the staff at MoveOn must be getting tired of it.


Tom Bowler said...

I think you deserve maybe a Purple Heart or something. The whole week? Talk about endurance!

Pat said...

I listened to about 15 minutes of Franken this morning, figuring he might cover it after returning from vacation. Nope.

WHT said...

Marc and Mark did address it a few weeks ago on Morning Sedition. I donated, they said donors could get refunds, but I passed on it knowing it would go to some other boys&girls club.