Sunday, June 22, 2003

People who write letters to the New York Times

Here's a letter to the editor (registration required) in today's New York Times Magazine regarding an article from a couple weeks back about the solvency of Social Security. I've added some emphasis so you'll know what I consider the key sentiment of the missive:

"One beef I have with some conservatives is the rhetoric they often use when referring to entitlements: "unsustainable" and similar words invoking impending doom have the effect of fueling a public paranoia that Social Security won't be around for me when I get old. If we applied the FICA tax to all income, instead of only to the first $87,000 as will be done for 2003, we wouldn't have a thing to worry about. So we raise taxes a little. Big deal."

David Fine, Perrysburg, Ohio

Doesn’t that just about sum up the kleptomaniac attitude of the liberal left?: "You got more than me…hand it over." What is the chance that Mr. David Fine makes more than $87,000 a year? Exactly zero would be my guess.

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