Thursday, June 19, 2003

The new motto of the Democratic Party: “I don’t like stuff that sucks”

Here’s George Will in “A Political Landscape Inhospitable to Democrats”:

They seem reactive, a party of protest, more capable of saying what they do not like -- George W. Bush, his judicial nominees, tax cuts and other works -- than what they like.

To be fair, criticism of the current government could be the natural effect of having the Republicans in charge of everything. But in a strictly forensic framework, the Democrats bring nothing to the debate other than contradiction and pugnacity. For example, look at the vacant desperation of the Dems’ attack on a yet-to-be-named Supreme Court justice. For that matter, take note of the home page for the Democratic National Committee: there is not a single positive message. It is entirely composed of attacks against President Bush and the Republicans.

What are the Democrats’ positions on the important issues of the day? Apparently, it can be distilled down to “whatever the Republicans are for, we’re against.” Or, in the pithy words of Butthead: “We don’t like stuff that sucks.”

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