Monday, June 30, 2003

Kerry Vote Watch

I think the time has come to demand that John Kerry resign from the Senate. Do the honorable, Bob Dole thing and recognize that running for president is a full-time job and, in the interest of democratic representation, somebody else should fill the Senate seat for Massachusetts. As a bare minimum, he should return his paycheck to the Treasury.

The Senate had a three-day workweek last week, culminating in a Saturday vote on a Medicare prescription drug benefit that passed 76-21 with three “not voting.” Here it is: arguably the most important domestic issue vote before Congress this session and three Senators couldn’t make it to Washington to do their sworn duty. Want to guess who one of them was?

In fact, it was another banner week for the peripatetic Senator Splunge who worked no days and cast no votes. That’s right: Kerry failed to make a single Senate floor vote last week.

Days worked: 0
Votes missed: 30
Last vote cast: June 12th

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