Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The Underpants Gnomes and the Center for American Progress

In one South Park episode, the boys discover the Underpants Gnomes who sneak into Tweak’s dresser at night and steal underwear. When asked why they do this, the Gnomes reveal their plan:

1.) Collect underpants
2.) ???
3.) Profit

Now John Podesta has launched a new liberal “think tank” that follows the same (il)logic of the Underpants Gnomes:

1.) Form liberal think tank
2.) ???
3.) Win elections

"We don't have a war room, but we do have a communications platform. We've got a lot of terrific talented people who's job it is in the end to get that product, that analysis, that critique — get it out there to the American public," Podesta said.

But [the Heritage Foundation’s Michael] Franc said so far the center has proven to be "all war room and no think tank.

"You don't start off a think tank with focus groups and a spin team before you figure out what you stand for. You have to. Think tanks begin with an idea, or a set of ideas, with a mission to advance coherent ideas in Washington," he said

Thus the problem with step #2.

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