Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Bill Clinton opens mouth, lies

The Big Me was at a fundraiser for the Democrats Monday night rep-re-SENT-ing the Par-TAY:

There's more than a little bit of ghetto fabulous -- the ridiculous Hummer limo idling outside, the "In Da Club" lyrics inside -- "I'm into having sex, I ain't into making love / So come give me a hug if you into getting rubbed." This is what's playing when the former president takes the stage.

Yow! Irony overload!

He decries the Bush tax cut, saying, with his slow slyness, "I never had any idea the new president would take such good care of me. . . . I'm a little embarrassed to live in a huge country that gives me a huge tax cut and runs a huge deficit so that when the baby boomers retire you'll be taking care of them instead of your own kids. I don't think that's right."

Let’s review the state of entitlement spending on the baby boomers, shall we?

In chilling testimony before the Senate Aging Committee in July, Social Security trustee Thomas Saving said that to maintain current benefits, by 2025 Social Security and Medicare will use up 28 percent of all federal income tax revenue and 47 percent by 2040.
"Clearly, elderly entitlement programs are out of control," he said. "If nothing is done, by 2060, the combination of Social Security and Medicare will account for more than 71 percent of the federal budget," double today's level.

And what did Bill Clinton do in eight years to stave off this pending budget disaster? Nothing. Just like only Nixon could go to China, only a Democrat could reform Social Security to avoid the pending train wreck. Clinton was a lame duck president with a budget surplus and a historic opportunity to make fundamental changes to save the cornerstone of Democratic politics. But he passed it up so he could use the entitlement issue for his own re-election (“you gotta do what you gotta do”) and to help get Al Gore elected.

If those dopes at the dance club realized how badly Clinton had condemned Generation X, Y, and Z to a state of perpetual income redistribution, they would have asked for their money back.

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