Thursday, October 30, 2003

Best. Show. Ever.

Warning to certain people who tape “Survivor” then watch it later – spoilers!

OMG – tonight the five members from Drake and the five members from Morgan went to the immunity challenge. In the greatest twist evah, the six tribe members who had been voted off in previous shows returned as a new tribe. Holy cow! “The Outcasts” won the immunity so that both Drake and Morgan had to vote somebody off.

Drake – bizarrely – kept that asshat Jon (why? Rupert why?) and voted off Shawn. My only rationale is as they go into individual challenges, Jon is such a weakling, he’s sure to fail miserably. Bring him along as a patsy.

Morgan voted off Osten, who insisted that he be eliminated. They didn’t even write down the vote, Jeff Probst simply confirmed the tribe’s choice by voice vote. Jeff could barely conceal his contempt for Osten and I felt the same way. Probst and the producers have to plow through thousands of videotapes every year for people who desperately want to be on “Survivor.” Osten simply gave up because he’s hungry and tired. Boo hoo. Dude, have you ever watched “Survivor?” What a [feline term].

Next week: “The Outcasts” vote IN two members to replace those voted off tonight. Awesome!

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