Thursday, October 23, 2003

He don’t need no education

From today’s Boston Globe: “Kerry spokeswoman Kelley Benander said in a prepared statement. She added that "John Kerry doesn't need any lessons in truth telling from an administration that has consistently misled the American people on matters of national security.”

Michael Barone: The two candidates who mixed it up the most were John Kerry and Howard Dean. Dean said that if Kerry felt he was unfit for the office he should tell him personally, and Kerry said that he needed no lessons in courage from Howard Dean.

On the campaign trail: “Kerry later dismissed criticism of his remarks as political carping. "I don't need any lessons in patriotism or in caring for America," he said during a campaign stop in Atlanta yesterday. “

And here’s a blast from the past (1996 debate): “I don't need any lessons from you on violence or what it does to our streets," said Sen. Kerry, who later referred to friends of his from Vietnam as examples of decent people who needed help.”

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