Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Calm before the storm

There's no shortage of advice as to what Romney needs to do in the debate tomorrow night but, as for me, I'd like to hear some variant of the following:
"The President never tires of telling us how hard he's working to create jobs for Americans.  But as unemployment stays firmly above 8%, Mr. Obama hasn't met with his jobs council in almost nine months, during which time he's had ample time to attend over a hundred fundraisers.  What that tells us is that the President cares intensely about exactly one job: his own."
For most Americans, I think this resonates on a more fundamental level than economic policy differences.  Obama seems to have no interest in doing his job - why should he get another chance?


Nigel Tufnel said...

You can't laud Citizens United and complain that someone who cares enough about his job to try to get re-elected spends a lot of time raising money.

This is nothing new and probably of no concern at all when the guilty party is a Republican.

All Presidents for the foreseeable future will do the same - and it will get worse unless something changes.

The conservative Supreme Court has entrenched that dynamic going forward.

R.I.P. Taylor said...

It's a shame that we always wait until after someone has died to honor them with a eulogy.

And so, with its time growing short, I would like to celebrate the life of the beautiful meme "No president has ever been reelected with an unemployment rate of [Reagan + 0.1%] or higher."

It will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Really? O couldn't carve out a token hour to meet his self-appointed jobs council? Maybe forego one of his 104 golf outings?

Citizens United made him do it.


Anonymous states that by spending a 'token hour' on a task the President could have demonstrated that he does take his job seriously.

Tireless Worker said...

If only President Obama were doing something productive with his time, like clearing brush. Lots and lots of brush. Hundreds of days' worth of brush.

Or staring out an airplane window on 9/11. (A copy of this inspiring photo can be yours for a $150 donation.)