Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Amazing Race Update: Teams started out from Mongolia traveling via plane to Hanoi, Vietnam. Controversy arose when, at the travel agency, Team Blonde approached an available ticket agent that Team Stonewall had passed by. Team Stonewall returned and accused Team Blonde of cutting in line. All teams were on the same flight. Teams received $0 for this leg of the trip and were not allowed to beg or sell anything. Upon arrival they made their way to the famous “Hanoi Hilton” prison.

Team Gay Daughter tried to get ahead by using the services of a local. She procured a taxi then returned to the terminal to get her bag. Most teams had left by the time she returned. During the taxi ride she admitted the taxi was taking her to her brother, 30 minutes away. Meanwhile Team Gay Daughter realized they did not have enough money to pay for such a long taxi ride. The driver was kind enough to let them off the hook.

All teams were now bunched because the prison did not open until 8:00 am. Their task was to find Senator John McCain’s flight suit. Kudos to Team Ergo for taking an extra moment to remember the servicemen that were held there during the war.

The next task was to go to Hanoi’s Old Quarter and search for an intersection with a marked flower shop. Here they received a Roadblock: Who’s ready to pedal some petals? One team member had to choose a bike and sell flowers until they earned 80,000 Vietnamese dollars which is roughly equal to $5USD. They were allowed to keep any money they earned.

Next they had to travel by public bus to the village of Vák and look for a temple. At this point Phil mentioned that for safety reasons, teams are prohibited from riding motorbikes in Vietnam. Team Leg Up initially got on the wrong bus and fell to last place. Team Ergo was the first to arrive with Team Stonewall not too far behind. Instead of walking the approximately 1 km to the temple Team Stonewall hops on, you guessed it, a couple of motorbikes.

After fighting their way through the dancers, teams received a Detour: Fuel or Fowl.
In Fuel, teams travel on foot to a workstation. They are to take the wet fuel and create 30 coal bricks using a traditional press. In Fowl, teams use traditional materials and methods to create a bird cage. All teams chose Fuel, however after wandering around and losing the other teams, Team Gay Daughter stumbled upon the bird cage detour and decided to do that one instead. Team Ergo is the first to arrive at Fuel and makes quick work of the task, however the bricks aren’t large enough and they have to start over.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is in the middle of a rice field. Halfway to the pit stop, David & Mary realized they had left their fanny pack at the Fuel detour. Mary was still suffering from her sprained ankle, so David ran back to get it.

Final standings:
#1 - Team Ergo: Ergo & Godwin – Prize: Home entertainment system
Team Stonewall: Tom & Terry – arrived next, but received a 30 minute penalty for their illegal motorbike ride
#2 - Team Rehab – Tyler & James
#3 - Team Bicker – Rob & Kimberly
#4 - Team Blonde – Dustin & Kandace
#5 - Team Leg Up – Peter & Sarah
#6 - Team Alabama – Lyn & Karlyn
#7 - Team 16 Ton – David & Mary
#8 - Team Stonewall - Tom & Terry
#9 - Team Gay Daughter - PHILIMINATED

Next week: the Bickering Duo regale us anew; Peter wants to quit.

This week's review humbly submitted by Mrs. Swede with the permission of the Viking Pundit who is schmoozing at a conference in Boston.

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