Friday, October 13, 2006

Microcredits for all – Let’s face it: some of the Nobel Peace Prizes over the last couple years have been deep, deep disappointments, bordering on farce. But the Prize for Dr. Muhammad Yunus is a triumph for conservatism. Business Week notes: “Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus promotes peace not by brokering treaties, but by uprooting poverty through entrepreneurialism.” Yes, yes, yes.

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Anonymous said...

Watch, helpless, as the overlaid reputations and legacies of Mr. Jimmy Carter and Mr. George W. Bush continue to form an X across the graph of history.

As a connoisseur of farce, all you need to know is that George W. Bush was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2004. (Hey, Nobel Committees need their laughs.)

Some Norwegian politician filled out the paperwork, but it's likely he was just the front man for Ashton Kutcher.