Saturday, October 14, 2006

The missteps along the way - Glenn Reynolds has a long, link-filled “pre-mortem” of the GOP’s loss of Congress in three weeks, including critical moments where the Republicans failed.

If I may add my two cents: coming off his re-election, President Bush put Social Security reform at the top of his agenda and Congress handled the issue about as badly as one could imagine. The Democrats framed the debate as “stealing from Grandma” and the GOP never pushed back. The Republicans looked both weak and unprincipled, unable to even bring a vote on one of the most critical issues affecting the long-term fiscal health of the country.

Extra – But then there’s the X-factor - “Democrats have intensity, but the GOP has its machine”: “Republican strategists counter that they can compensate for any gap in enthusiasm with their legendary get-out-the-vote operation. The party has built its electoral success in the last two elections on identifying and producing nearly every obtainable Republican vote at the polls; this time may be more challenging, they say, but no different.”


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Glenn, that won't do. A 6-point list of Bush/GOP f**k-ups that never even mentions the words "Iraq" or "Katrina" is never going to be the definitive document on the subject.

It's simpler than that.

1. Integrity.
2. Competence.

All the various losing issues -- Iraq, Katrina, Miers, Foley, Social Security, Dubai ports, budget spending, whatever -- are reflections of one or both of those two missing values. Integrity and competence. A political party can sell one of them out, and still survive. But they can't abandon both at the same time.

It's looking as if the George W. Bush Success Story will be a comma in history.

Anonymous said...

From one of Mr. Reynolds' readers:
All the perfection in the world won't do any one, any good, if there isn't a culture to support the perfection. The Democrats want to cut and run from not only Iraq, but the War on Terror. Explain how the resultant chaos will allow us to clean up pork? Explain how the multicultural nightmare that is Europe would be the role model that would be desirable for the US. We should welcome the rapes in Sweden and the riots in France? We should welcome the chance to buddy up to Chavez? We want to go with a party that thinks the military are a bunch of jackbooted nazi's?
Oh well, so be it. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

The base speaks! Tell me more about this Bush Derangement Syndrome, daddy!

Meanwhile, I think I'll take this one foaming crackpot, pretend that he's typical of all Republican supporters, make up a funny pro wrestling insult like "moonbat" or "wingnut," and then feel 200% smugger about my own smartness.

Bird Dog said...

The GOP has a machine? News to me. I thought machines were urban Dem things. If the GOP now has a machine - great. It's about time. But if they do, they should put it to good use!