Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Take your choiceLamont defeats Lieberman. Is this bad news for the Democrats or bad news for the Republicans?

Extra – Time magazine weighs in: “Why the Republicans Are Loving the Lieberman Loss - At a time when the GOP should be back on its heels, Connecticut voters' rejection of a centrist Senator gives the party a potentially powerful new weapon to use against the Democrats this fall.”


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, of course. The GOP is loving this. They only spent months trying to get Lieberman reelected because they were feeling bored over the summer vacation.

Lieberman... McKinney... and Schwarz. Incumbent blood is in the water, boys. But we're to believe that Karl Rove is "loving" it. Uh huh. And Bush is a uniter, the GOP was salivating over the prospect of running against Dean instead of Kerry, and we've just turned another corner on Iraq!

Anonymous said...

"Incumbent blood is in the water, boys."

Um, then shouldn't there have been a lot more incumbents losing in primaries throughout the year?