Monday, August 21, 2006

Senator Splunge plunges to the antiwar fringe – Has there ever been a more transparent attempt to court 2008 primary voters than John Kerry’s attack against Joe Lieberman?

Kerry is trying to establish himself firmly as an antiwar candidate as he prepares for the possibility of another presidential campaign. Throughout his 2004 presidential bid, Kerry was dogged by a perceived inability to establish a clear, concise message on the war, and he maintained through the campaign that he did not regret his vote authorizing President Bush to invade Iraq.
Unless he did, which he does now, until some future poll time. Meanwhile, all those programs he wanted to initiate as President can't seem to find a foothold in the Senate. Instead, Kerry keeps the issues alive for fundraising. I can't wait for this clown to run again.

Extra – Mark comments on Kerry with, ahem, less nuance than me.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of all those programs he spoke of as a presidential candidate, and he did seem to claim to have a plan for everything, did Sen. Kerry ever bother to submit legislation on them or did he deem his position as a senator, one of only 100 representing our 300m or so, unworthy of his grand schemes for American society? Were the plans so great that they could only stem from the executive branch or were they merely vapor?

yetanotherjohn said...

I think the a political genius of Kerry's caliber and the clear decisive leadership that only he seems to be able to deliver should not be silenced by the reactionary elements of the democratic party. If for any reason he is not nominated in 2008 by the democrats, he needs to have the moral courage to run as an independant to provide the American people a clear choice in the election.

Anonymous said...

Kerry is too cught up in trying to fool us into thinking he isa small goverment conservative he is a fruad