Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Big cash, little progress – From Opinion Journal: “The tragedy of New Orleans” – “Congress has approved $122.5 billion for the Gulf Region, a figure incomprehensible in size to anyone but, well, a politician. The real wonder is that anyone is surprised, much less feigning surprise, that things are going poorly.”


Anonymous said...

The Truth is the only way New Orleans will heal is if the Democratic Party ceases to exist

Karen said...

Nope, here's the money:

"After the hurricane, newspapers around the world showed photos of New Orleans under headlines that shouted: "America's shame." In truth, New Orleans was America's shame long before Katrina. In large part the residents of the Big Easy were victims of the predatory behavior of their own politicians. Louisiana already ranked among the bottom five of all the states in crime, poverty, health care and school performance; the murder rate in New Orleans today is 10 times the national average.
For all the finger-pointing this week, Congress hasn't spent much more than a dime to clear away the debris of corruption, patronage, welfare dependency, high taxes and racial division of decimated neighborhoods. What is still lacking in the life of New Orleans is the vital architecture of local capitalism."

It's a cultural thing. Not that the Dems don't have their hands in it, surely; but the kind of pattern behavior that led to this fiasco to begin with doesn't only belong to one side of the aisle.

These guys have a long way to go (*sigh*).