Monday, August 07, 2006

All Lieberman all the time

On the last day before the Connecticut primary, here are some prime cuts:

Boston Globe: “In Connecticut Senate race, it’s all about war
NewsBusters: “Cokie Roberts Shocks George Stephanopoulos: Lamont Victory Disaster For Democrats
Andrea Peyser in the NY Post: “Stranded senator a dead man running
Martin Peretz writing on Opinion Journal: “The "peace" Democrats are back. It's a dream come true for Karl Rove.”
WashPost: “Lieberman confronts criticism over Iraq
More from MacsMind and Strata-Sphere.

One keen observation: if Lieberman loses tomorrow, that means that both Al Gore and his vice-presidential running mate will have been rejected by their respective home states.

(Must credit Viking Pundit for this fabulous bit of political trivia! And for using the future perfect progressive tense!)

Extra - The Hedgehog Report is having a Lieberman/Lamont prediction contest. Get your WAGs in.


john(classic) said...

future perfect progressive tense

It has been a long time but would not future perfect progressive be "(he) will have been rejecting"?

I think "will have been rejected" is a rather mundane future perfect in the passive voice. A dime a dozen, they are.

Eric said...

Um...(thinking fast)...I meant the progressive tense in the manner I was describing Democrats. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

I'm no grammarian, but I do know one thing. Joe Lieberman is past tense.

Brian said...


Once agin, for the last time, I will say it again: Lieberman wins tomorrow. It will be like deja vu all over again when the guy the media made out to be the sure-fire winner ends up the loser.

As a side note, the side of me that thinks Democrats are tomfools wants Lamont to win because it portends disaster. The biggest side of me, the one who loves America above all, wants Lieberman to win because, while he is a leftist, he is a man of honor and honest dissent.

Anonymous said...

"...when the guy the media made out to be the sure-fire winner ends up the loser.

Er, wasn't the first poll to show Lamont taking the lead from about 5 days ago? Hasn't this been a "Lieberman is slipping, he's reacting late, he may end up in trouble" story from the beginning? I'd love to see all the "surefire Lamont" coverage that upsets Brian.

Nah, on second thought, let's just jerk that knee in the most comfortable and well-practiced manner. Stupid liberal media! You'll get yours!

Anonymous said...

Also, Lieberman is an 18-year Senator who was just on his party's national ticket, running in a primary. Candidates on that level are rarely challenged in elections, let alone prelims. Even his GOP mascot status has been tarnished.

Unless Lieberman pulls off a surprise 70-30 tomorrow against the lightweight Lamont, he "ends up the loser" even if he wins.

Anonymous said...

When Lieberman was introduced to the country in 2000, I was annoyed by his whiney tone. He was like that old cartoon character who used to say "oh me... oh my."

But, he's obviously brave, and he does so while being a Democrat. Very rare. You have to respect that.

My pick: Lieberman by 4 or 5%, but who can say?

Anonymous said...

Since 1980, three sitting Senators have lost primaries.

That's out of, what, maybe 320 "live" primaries? (~430-440 overall, minus retirements, minus unopposed candidates.)

And those are a quarter-century's worth of results for ALL Senators. For a well-financed moderate third-term Senator with a national rep like Lieberman to be scrambling? In August?

If Lieberman gets the chance to read a victory statement after all, he should thank his campaign manager, Pyrhhus.