Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Whither (or is it "wither") France?

Between a hostile business environment and a wave of immigration, France’s high unemployment rate is a ticking time bomb. Brussels Journal states the case even more starkly:

France is dying. We are witnessing its agony, while the patient refuses to take the medicine that can cure him.

[Prime Minister] Villepin proposed the CPE to provide jobs for young workers, a group with staggering unemployment rates. Job creation in France is severely hampered by “social” legislation which makes it virtually impossible for employers to lay off employees unless the latter are paid high damages.
Businesses refuse to hire workers because of the high cost and unemployment is running at 10% for all of France and 25% for workers under 25. Yet students and unions are fighting the CPE because it’s designed to make the cost of employment bearable for businesses. Unemployment will remain high and immigrant tension will continue to simmer: great idea.

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