Thursday, October 20, 2005

Free the Tatooine Seven!

James Lileks has a new Screed. This one is about a futile effort by the United Nations to stop the pernicious spread of wicked American culture.

In another sense, the UNESCO effort is pointless. No: toothless. More posturing from an international body that convenes to strike pleasing poses, nothing more. But some will see the US position as more American mulishness. The New York Times put it thus: “As with the Kyoto Protocol climate treaty and the treaty creating the International Criminal Court, (The US) will likely remain a critical - and perhaps obstructionist - outsider.”

Imagine that! The killjoy nation. Monarchy, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, now Tribalism – the US never quite joins in the fun. Everyone else jumps off the bridge, and we hang back, taking notes. Like we’re special or something.
The effort to stop “Sopranos” reruns is being spearheaded by the French who are so convinced of the superiority of their culture that all others must be banned.

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