Monday, October 31, 2005

Agree/disagree with Captain Ed – Agree that there’s no chance the Gang of 14 will decide that the nomination of Judge Alito rises to an “exceptional circumstance” and there will be no filibuster. Disagree on the vote count: no way will Alito get a 65-35 confirmation vote. After all, he’ll be replacing the vaunted O’Connor seat and the Democrats will show their displeasure with a near-straight line vote. Alito will be confirmed by 55 Republicans and maybe two conservative Democrats.


Brian said...

And he gets the vote of every Red State Democrat up for re-election next year. Robert Byrd doesn't want to answer for voting against Bush's nominee. The "he represents liberals not us" argument works in West Virginia.

Eric said...

Alito might get more Democrats than two, but certainly less than Roberts twenty-two. I don't think 103-yr. old Byrd cares one way or another.

Anonymous said...

I think the democrat senate leaders are going to listen to their shrillest members and filibuster.
Nancy Pelosi is already shouting for it. Reid has said it is possible. The local left is already getting letters to the editor in. Looks like it will be a coordinated attack.

The Swedish Chef (bork, bork, bork!) said...

Yes, it shows all the warning signs of a "coordinated attack." As opposed to those U.S. Senate filibusters that are scattered, random, and just happen.....somehow.

It would be just awful for the Democrats to "listen to their shrillest members," too. Especially when Bush the Uniter has chosen such a middle-of-the-road, step-on-nobody's-toes kind of nominee.