Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The adults are back in charge. The stupid adults.

Spectator World: "Who knew that governing was so ‘complicated’?" - "Not the Biden administration, apparently."

We all know that Dementia Joe is a dimwit but what's the excuse of everybody else?  Mayor Pete is proving to be a disaster and Kamala Harris can't find the border or the Space Force.  Then there's this clown from Massachusetts:
There are no shortage of floundering amateurs in this administration. Former Boston mayor Marty Walsh was caught off guard in an embarrassing interview this week with Axios reporter Dan Primack. To be fair though, Dan did ambush him. Asking the Labor Secretary about jobs…how could Marty have ever seen that one coming?

Primack asked Walsh questions about why people aren’t returning back to work and how long can people afford to stay home before they have to start paying their bills. Walsh responded nervously, ‘These questions are asked every month.’ Primack pushed back and asked, ‘What’s the answer?’ Walsh replied, ‘I don’t think there is an answer.’
Doesn't anybody here know how to play this game?

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