Wednesday, October 06, 2021

All kinds of time

Bluff called.  National Review: "Schumer v. McConnell on the Debt Ceiling."
Raising the debt ceiling through reconciliation would not affect Democrats’ ability to pass their social-spending reconciliation bill: “According to the parliamentarian’s office, Democrats could [raise the debt ceiling through reconciliation] without impacting the existing reconciliation package. That legislation would stay on its own separate track and not lose its privilege in the Senate, meaning it can’t be filibustered and would only require a majority vote for approval,” Punchbowl News reported on Monday.

But, as Phil notes, McConnell has now made Schumer an offer that makes it plain to absolutely everyone that Senate Democrats have the time and the power to raise the debt limit through reconciliation.
The Democrats are so used to favorable coverage from the press, I wonder if they think they can still press on with default and blame the Republicans.  I have my doubts if only because, driving home today, I heard NPR describe this as a kind of lifeline to Chuck Schumer and a way to avoid fiscal catastrophe.  NPR!

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Anonymous said...

Who knew that threatening to explode the global economy for a perceived talking point in the midterms would poll so badly?