Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Sure, why not?

Politicians never tire of giving you "free" stuff.  Reason: "New York City Considers Requiring Landlords to Provide Free Internet to Tenants" - "A new bill introduced by Council Member Ben Kallos would require landlords to provide broadband internet. It would also forbid them from passing on the costs of internet service to tenants." 


Trickle down egg on face said...

Did someone say handouts?

Hi, Solyndra! Remember the tidal wave of conservative venom against Washington funding clean energy startups? Memory isn't necessary. Fox News has invoked the dark specter of Solyndra several times this year.

It's an article of faith that "government should never be in the business of picking winners and losers."

Funny twist. Guess who the winners are!

That leaves the losers, including the critics who couldn't possibly have been wronger.

Here's a rainy day project. Do a web search for the Kemper Project, the taxpayer-backed "clean coal" plant whose construction cost tripled to $7.5 billion. Another funny twist: it never worked! The failed plant was imploded just this past weekend.

Whereas the late not-so-great Solyndra failed because the cost of solar panels got so cheap, so fast, the company's business plan could no longer compete. Despite that, America turned a profit on its stimulus loan program. And has reaped the benefits of green energy every day since. Dollars on the penny, including the pennies that were lost.

Eric said...

Wikipedia: "The Kemper Project, also called the Kemper County energy facility or Plant Ratcliffe, is a natural gas-fired electrical generating station currently under construction in Kemper County, Mississippi. Mississippi Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, began construction of the plant in 2010.[3] The initial, coal-fired project was central to President Obama's Climate Plan..."

So you're telling me that Obama picked ANOTHER loser and wasted taxpayer money on another clean energy scam.

Thank you for that self-own, kind stranger.

Anonymous said...

Among other energy projects, the Obama administration funded coal cleanup AND solar power loans. Guess which of the two efforts worked. Not the one conservatives favor!

Viking Pundit, 2014: "We've been waiting since the Carter Administration for the big breakthrough to free us from fossil fuels. THIS could be the year!"

Someone with more than a decade-long self-own is gonna need better gotchas. Watts up with that?

Eric said...

Yes, our 50 year effort to save Mother Earth has pushed down fossil fuel consumption to only 88%.

Take the "L".


Anonymous said...

Appropriately, you're still yelling at the wind.

Cool EIA link, though. Renewable green energy up 66% since 2008, coal down 60% since 2008.

Guess how the next 12 years will go. Or don't guess. Just read.

How Renewable Energy Surged In 2020, Despite The Pandemic
Renewable energy was the one category that bucked the global trend of declining energy consumption in 2020. Despite the 4.5% decline of primary global energy consumption — the largest since World War II — global renewable energy consumption grew by 9.7% in 2020.

Wall Street Journal:
The New Green Energy Giants Challenging Exxon and BP
Three utilities that invested early in wind and solar power now rival major oil companies in market value.

Take the "L".

This direction was L-ementary even then. But some ignored the L-ephant in the room because of their L-ectoral biases.

ManBearPig was fun while he lasted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Trump did a really good job his last year in office with that green energy. Thanks for pointing it out.

Eric said...

It's true: Trump did a great job on renewables. So much better than that Obama who wasted taxpayer money on Solyndra and Kemper.

But then, as any NL pitcher knows, hitting a single will increase your batting average from 0.000 to 1.000. Hence the intense focus on the so-called growth rate.

Now Obama's ex-vice President is reliving his glory days by bringing gas prices to a 7-year high.

Anonymous said...

The stubbornness you have. To drive past more and more solar panels on your commute, smile with inner satisfaction, and think "Called it."

You're like a pitcher who said once upon a time (well, 200 times upon a time) that baseball shouldn't acquire Japanese players because they're not as good, not as developed, and not worth the investment. And now that the game has changed, ignores the stats and says they'll still never work.