Saturday, May 08, 2021

Twitter white-knights for Jimmy Carter

Hot Air: "Twitter's take on a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. is really something special."

Ed Driscoll has it 100% correct here:
I’m assuming the young tykes who program Twitter’s “Trending Posts” are far too young to have been around in the 1970s, and have no knowledge about just how gloomy the Carter years were, with runaway inflation, unemployment, interest rates, gas prices, a defenestrated military and the infamous “malaise speech.” They just know he has a (D) after his name,  he’s not the Bad Orange Man, and his son must be wrong, so Carter must be defended.
Those of us who lived through survived Carter's presidency remember the misery index, gas lines, and American impotence with the hostages in Iran.  The kiddies only know he swung a hammer to build some houses.

By the way, for about a week the Mobil in Chicopee that I pass on my way to work had a sign out front that read: "Store open / NO GAS" and I thought I was back in 1979 again.

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