Thursday, May 06, 2021

Beneath the skin, we're all the same

Which is to say: nobody wants to pay taxes.  Yahoo: "50 Cent moves from New York to Houston months after tax rant."  Here's the short answer:

New York state top rate: 8.82%
Texas state top rate (and bottom rate): 0%

This reminds me of a story way back in 2000 when Venus Williams won the U.S. Open.  Then-President Bill Clinton called to congratulate her and Venus complained about paying taxes:
That's $800,000 before Uncle Sam takes his big bite. Which may be why when Bill Clinton called to offer his congratulations, this year's Grand Slam winner took the occasion to make a pitch for a tax cut. Her reasoning was impeccable. Recounting her conversation to the Los Angeles Times, Ms. Williams described it as follows: "He said, 'You really worked hard.' I said, 'See, I did work hard and I want to keep this for me. I'm a good citizen.' " She asked, "Can you lower my taxes, please?"
So unpatriotic.  

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