Monday, September 17, 2018

Turn off the cameras

Hot Air: "Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Public Hearing Monday With Kavanaugh And Accuser."  They'll be televised:
If you thought the grandstanding from 2020 contenders like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris was overbearing the first time around, it’s almost unfathomable how obnoxious it’ll be this time. Booker will cry. A lot.
OMG, why does this need to be a public hearing?  Spartacus will be insufferable.

I'm convinced that this eleventh-hour stunt will seal the deal for Kavanaugh.  What kind of message would the Republicans be sending if they allowed this uncorroborated to derail a nominee?  Even Susan Collins came out and called it unfair.  Nobody's changing their vote at this point.

Extra - Well: "Kavanaugh's accuser's lawyer: It's not her job to corroborate her story."  Oh.  I guess she's just here to make allegations.


Scotus Redding said...

Political Wire: Republicans Fear Kavanaugh Backlash In November

“Republicans are bracing for political aftershocks from the sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, with some expressing fear that the coming investigation will refocus the nation’s attention on an issue that could drive up the Democratic vote in the midterm elections,” the Washington Post reports.

“The initial hope that the conservative Kavanaugh’s appointment would encourage turnout by grateful GOP voters this fall has been tempered by new fears that more voters, especially independent women, might head to the polls with fresh anger about Republican handling of sexual impropriety after a new round of public hearings.”

Justice-to-be Kavanaugh isn't the only thing that will endure for a generation or more...

Robert Fisk said...

Area Blog Commenter CopyPastes from Publication that in Turn Quotes Liberal Rag's Hope that Republicans Fear Punishment is Coming for their yet-to-occur "Handling" of Sexual Assault Accusation, to bolster Commenter's Own Dream that same "Handling" will result in Democrat Ownership of House and Senate for "Generation or More"

Eric said...

"Justice-to-be Kavanaugh isn't the only thing that will endure for a generation or more"

I have a book for you:

Anonymous said...

For either side, we can always find Some Guy who makes an easy punching bag to chuckle at. He's always wrong.

But this isn't Some Guy's book with a hasty subtitle:

Will misogyny woo the ladies back? Who knows? If you have to know right away, better ask Some Guy.

Eric said...

This is all moot: Ford won't testify.

That 11th-hour stunt collapsed like a house of cards.