Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Steele trap

Conrad Black: "The Mueller Charade"
When the Mueller charade is finally out of the way, everyone involved in the false applications for a FISA surveillance warrant against junior Trump campaign helper Carter Page will face the music, including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and very prominent members of the Obama administration. Whatever happens in November, all this will unravel. The combination of the jungle ruthlessness of high American politics with the idealism of the Constitution occasionally creates bizarre and sordid dramas. Eventually, just when the pious claptrap about no one being above the law becomes almost insufferable, the puritanical conscience of America rises like a cobra and strikes the wrongdoers. The twist here is that the hunted president, who has broken no laws, will make the kill. It’s reality politics, wending toward a surprising climax.
Somebody wrote the other day that Americans "don't like to be pushed around."  And this is what motivates my defense of Trump: here's a guy whose entire Presidency so far has been under a cloud because of this phony Steele dossier paid for by Hillary's campaign and the DNC.  Trump committed the unpardonable sin of beating Hillary and for this he must suffer a thousand cuts from CNN and Stephen Colbert.  Why?  Because he's intemperate and not particularly articulate.

But there's no crime.  It's bizarre that whenever I bring this up the standard response is "you don't know what Mueller knows!"  Yeah, that's right, the critical, earth-shattering, Presidency-ending information is just lying dormant, waiting for its moment to appear.  Won't we be surprised?

It's much more likely we'll see Hillary go to prison.  After all, she's the one who actually hired Russian agents to create the Steele dossier to sway the election.


Anonymous said...

Man who went to prison for obstruction of justice spins revenge fantasy.

Blogger who opposes lies, slander and bullying supports Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

'Anonymous' man, who apparently has a bee in his pretty bonnet, plays the same album over and over and over again, while his neighbors pray that he soon stops drinking, or buys some new music.

Anonymouser said...

Commenter who opposes lies, slander and bullying supports Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

Donald J. Trump:
"....At what point does this soon to be $20,000,000 Witch Hunt, composed of 13 Angry and Heavily Conflicted Democrats and two people who have worked for Obama for 8 years, STOP! They have found no Collussion with Russia, No Obstruction"

Paul Manafort pled guilty this morning and will forfeit $46 million to the government. We could begin a second "Mueller charade" starting tomorrow, and it will have turned a profit.

The guilty plea includes money laundering and obstruction. No response yet from America's cobra consciousness.

As part of the deal, ten of the twelve counts against Manafort have been dropped. But why? Seems like an inexplicable gift from Robert Mueller, the empty-handed charlatan whose critical, earth-shattering, Presidency-ending information is just lying dormant, waiting for its moment to appear.

The point is, all of this is chilling news for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

More pious claptrap and jungle ruthlessness:

(CBS News) Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will be cooperating with the special counsel in its Russia investigation, prosecutor Andrew Weissman told the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. Friday.

Nothing to worry about here. Manafort is probably only going to confirm that Trump is intemperate and not particularly articulate.

Anonymouser said...


James Comey will save us!
John Brennan will save us!
Adam Schiff will save us!
Robert Mueller will save us!
George Papadopolous will save us!
Carter Page will save us!
Mueller's 75 blank subpoenas will save us!
Stormy Daniels will save us!
Omarosa will save us!
Omarosa's audio will save us!
Omarosa's video will save us!
Michael Cohen will save us!
Michael Cohen's audio will save us!

Paul Manafort's dropped charges will save us!

Anonymouser said...

And now...Oops!

NPR: "Paul Manafort's cooperation agreement with the special counsel does not include matters involving the Trump campaign, according to a person familiar with the case, @johnson_carrie reports."

Awww, your precious hopes weren't dashed too cruelly by that, were they?

Take heart, maybe an anonymous person will say that Trump was the other guy in the locked room at Brett Kavanaugh's high school junior prom 35 years ago!

Ah, Ziggy. Will you ever win? said...

Besides being padded by nonsense, your list of purported failed saviors has a central flaw: the people who want Mueller's investigation to continue aren't the people who need to be "saved" by its conclusions. Stupider still: you were sure the Devin Nunes memo was going to be a game-changer, but now you're whooping it up over nonexistent Omarosa pilgrims. There was less projection at drive-in theaters.

The NPR tweet was incorrect. It was published before the details of Manafort's plea became public in court. The same NPR reporter tweeted this update 3 hours later (and better yet, 8 hours before you did your victory dance over her first tweet): IMPORTANT NEW addition: plea agreement requires Manafort to cooperate "in any and all matter as to which the government deems the cooperation relevant" including full, complete testimony to the grand jury in DC."


And even the anonymous person from 35 years ago is no longer anonymous.

However, it was compassionate of you to try to stage a worse day than Paul Manafort in case he's a reader, and his seeing your posts implode might make him feel better. (But I think his Friday still beat yours out.)

Settle down, Beavis. This rodeo's just getting to the good parts.

Anonymousest said...

Hope springs eternal.

I understand. I really do, Butthead. I don't fault you for wanting to go at least several days before your weary soul needs to once again find something new to fill in the blank:

"____________ will save us!"

Do you ever feel a little like Sisyphus? said...

Does your head ever NOT feel like a granite boulder?

You cheered like a chump over an already-retracted NPR tweet. You mic-dropped onto your own foot. And then you went right back to your "Save Us! is what desperate liberals always say" twaddle, as if you hadn't just described the aim of your own instant fuckup.
"This attack must be countered," indeed.

Your solo act doesn't need me. You're rubber AND glue.

Anonymouser said...

What are you so enraged about? You should be confident and happy instead of sputtering out "explanations" of what I said, did, and thought, in an attempt to soothe your distress.

Just keep repeating...
Paul Manafort's going to spill the beans;
Democrats take full control of both Houses in November;
Trump's Supreme Court nomination will be obstructed until The Donald is impeached and removed.

Now calm down, take a stiff drink, and get a good night's sleep.

Anonymous said...

Reduced to the canonical troll cliche "ooh, I made you so emotional!"? Really? Yet you're the lonely troll who kept on leaving comments about me in threads where I hadn't posted, while I wasn't even online at the time. Little unanswered flares of love in the dark.

I'm sorry if you feel I've led you on. Just because you come to me for regular spankings doesn't mean it's serious.

Anonymousish said...

And the bitter obsessional fantasies about what I've done, said, and thought continue apace. You'd better make it three stiff drinks.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in the real world, Robert Mueller just informed the court that after eight delays, they're suddenly ready to proceed to Flippin' Michael Flynn's sentencing.

But what changed recently? Something other than Paul Manafort's meaningless cooperation plea, obviously. Because the intelligent winner above knows Manafort is nothing but a rhetorical reed for desperate Democrats to cling to, rather than face what's happening.

You'd better save those stiff drink orders for Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner. Manafort isn't a big "Russian adoptions" kind of guy. Manafort's the type who gets adopted BY Russians.

Anonymoustache said...

At the risk of posting a comment while you're "not even online," let me just gratefully note that the drinks seem to be having an effect on you. At least your swirling, nightmarish deliriums about my deeds, words, and thoughts appear to have abated.

It looks like you finally recognize that all you have to do is sit back, put your feet up, and wait for salvation through Manafort.

Anonymous said...

Politico, this hour:
Manafort’s plea deal says that if his convictions are wiped out for any reason, (for example, a pardon from Trump) prosecutors can charge him with any other crimes he committed or confessed to during his plea negotiations.

Mightymous said...

Since you've only recently emerged from your binge of obsessing about my behavior, I guess we can't blame you for thinking that a several day old story is Breaking News. That's okay, you'll catch up.

Anonymous said...