Saturday, September 15, 2018

Segregation now, segregation forever!

A couple months ago, a black female working the summer at Smith College was either eating her lunch or sleeping in a closed building.  A Smith employee, following college policy, saw her and notified campus police who did a check.  And there it would have ended except for all the racism.

You would have thought Smith would have learned the lessons of Mizzou or Evergreen College, but no.  They suspended the reporting employee pending an investigation and generally did everything you'd expect from a liberal, Western Massachusetts, Northampton-based college.  Still - unbelievably! - it just wasn't enough.  Here come the demands: "Woman at center of controversial Smith College incident pens letter on ACLU website calling for 'affinity housing' for students of color."
In Kanoute's letter, she makes several "demands" for reform at the school -- including a call for a controversial practice called "affinity housing" for students of color.
That's right: it's come to this.
"The supposed 'integrated housing' system currently on campus forces (people of color) into unsafe spaces," alleges one post on the group's Facebook page. "It does nothing to uphold principles of equity or justice. While affinity housing is not a perfect solution, students of color have expressed their need for a house that truly values their labor."
It's going to be a tough world for these womyn after graduation.


Roger Bournival said...

Do they get separate water fountains as well?

Eric said...

Ha, yeah, a lot of comments along that line on the MassLive message boards.