Friday, September 28, 2018

Time to move the goalposts again

The Democrats have been unified in their call for an FBI investigation (the 7th, I guess) for Brett Kavanaugh and today they got it.  It won't last more than a week because as they told us, ad nauseum, the Clarence Thomas investigation only took three days.  So a week should be plenty of time for the FBI to investigate a party, somewhere in Maryland, maybe in 1982 that nobody except Chrissy Ford remembers.

With this hard-won victory in hand, it's time to shift those goalposts.  First, a week isn't long enough:

Second, even if the FBI clears Kavanaugh, he's still just the worst:
After spending two weeks demanding an FBI investigation in the hope/belief that the GOP would never allow one, only to have Jeff Flake force the issue at the last moment, the minority party suddenly shifts to Plan B. Time now to start downplaying the value of the forthcoming FBI investigation that’s likely to find nothing incriminating against Kavanaugh.
Like Ace, I totally want a portion of this investigation to look into GoFundMe princess Chrissy Ford who can't fly (unless it's on a vacation) and has no idea who is paying for all these polygraphs and trips to Washington.

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