Saturday, February 06, 2010

Talk talk and more talk - WashPost: "Obama suggests extending debate as a way to pass health reform."

Perhaps a "beer summit"? Does Obama know any other way to get things accomplished in Washington that doesn't involve a teleprompter?

Back here in the real world, why would the Republicans - for either political or philosophical reasons - agree to this new kumbaya offer? There's no political gain to negotiating for legislation that a majority of Americans dislike and Republicans have zero interest in setting up a new government entitlement on top of the groaning, New Deal-era programs that are already bankrupting the country.

I can see the peevish response from the White House already: the GOP is the "party of no" interested only in obstructionism. Good luck with that, Axelrod. It was devastating against Senator Scott Brown.


Anonymous said...

I liked the invisible teleprompter President Obama used a week ago at the televised Republican retreat.

Boy, that event really exposed HIM!

Anonymous said...

The only reason Obama was able to eviscerate the GOP politicians at that session is because he had "Energy - Budget Cuts - Tax - Lift American Spirits" written on his hand.

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!