Friday, February 26, 2010

Defining the devil – Power Line wonders why Obama hates the insurance companies so much. In a related post on Critical Condition, Jeffrey Anderson notes that if health insurers are trying to get rich, they're doing a lousy job: the profit margin for health insurers is a thin 2.2%, which places them in 35th place among U.S. industries.

More - From the Minuteman.

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Bram said...

Obama's insurance story is far beyond belief. I am supposed to believe that a freshly minted Columbia lawyer signed an insurance contract (yes it is a contract) without understanding the coverages? His next call should have been to Columbia to ask for a refund.

I also fail to believe an insurance company laughed at a policyholder, particularly a lawyer over the phone.

We have passed the exaggeration boundary into an outright lie.