Sunday, February 28, 2010

A retired schoolteacher speaks - A little heavy on the religion, but this lamentation by a former Hartford teacher tells it like it is. The comments are good, too.


Anonymous said...

A little heavy, huh? You think?

Vermont Woodchuck said...

When's the last time you were in a city school? Or a Progressive one?

Everyone has a religion, for some it's Jesus, others it's climate change, then you have those who have the state sponsored religion of socialism. For the atheists, not believing is their religion while the animists pray to trees, rocks and ferns.

Those who say they stand for nothing, fall for anything!

Anonymous said...

Woodchuck, did you know that education has been failing because prayer was removed from public schools in 1962? AKA "the day Lucifer brought about the greatest coup in the brief 350 year history of America"? AKA "the day our nation hit the iceberg of godlessness, and has been taking in the “lifeless” waters of godless secularism ever since"? AKA "the single act that has unleashed a catastrophic tsunami of immorality, vice, disease, poverty, and many other societal ills"?

The problem isn't that website, though. There's absolutely nothing wrong with proselytzing. The problem is people of faith who try (or succeed) to impose belief-based policy on the general population, and who resent when this isn't done. Somehow, the atheists and fern-prayers manage to restrain themselves.

Vermont Woodchuck said...

I didn't realize I was disagreeing with your premise. The comment ahead of mine opined that it was a "little heavy."

I thought not, merely commented to the fact that everyone has a religion. Many just don't "like" others purported Gods. Must have to do with the spelling.

Anonymous said...

Golly, that's morally relativist of you...

Vermont Woodchuck said...

Not at all! I never said there should be a ban of religion in schools. Point out where I wrote that.

All I said was when were you in a city school. The Progs want religion out of schools, but everyone has a religion as I said. Prog religion is a cross between communism and fascism. Ergo, religion in schools, not one I care to see and I work to disrupt.

Dogma the Bounty Hunter said...

The general premise that faithlessness is itself a "religion" is inane. If holding a definite position equates to a religious belief, how many religions do you currently follow? Fifty? A thousand?

Prog religion is a cross between communism and fascism.

Communists oppose fascists, and vice versa. But why let that spoil your fun?

Poor pinkos. Poor brownshirts. If only they'd known they were on the same team all along, they could've gotten somewhere!

Vermont Woodchuck said...

Progressives are not Communists just as Fascists are not Nazis. Hitler was a National Socialist. Mussolini was a Fascist.

However Communists and Nazis differ only in who owns the means of production: the State or private owners working as the state tells them to do. The workers don't matter, they can be underpaid or slaves under either system. (Read the "Arms of Krupp" and the "Gulag Archipelago" for comparisons)

Progressives and Fascists control the businesses via the management boards and unions in lockstep using government finds (taxes) to run the business and drive out competition.

Socialism is a religion, try not tithing the local ministry; call the PC sacraments heresy and the auto-dà-fé looks for you. Smells like a religion to me.

Anonymous said...

This must be a parody of something.

Vermont Woodchuck said...

Perhaps Anonymous, you may wish to examine the origins of New Deal Art a bit more closely, take a harder look at just which leading governmental figures the Progressives, from Teddy "Bull Moose" through FDR thought admirable.

Plenty of scribblings from both sides of the aisle to acquaint you with American and World History beyond the shallow stagnant gargle passed off in education since the '70's.

Anon, you epitomize today's public education; miles wide in words, no depth.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, that well-known Bolshevik Teddy Roosevelt. It's too bad that his and cousin Franklin's historical reputations were only elevated from the scrapheap in the 1970s by the secular papacy and its Stagnant Gargle Five Year Plans.

Wait, I just thought of another one. Nobody likes McCarthyism anymore. So let's make those Progressive-Fascists McCarthyites. And Zionist Bolivarianist Piłsudskiite Objectivists, too.

Playing the "_____-ist" edition of Mad Libs is fun. In fact, it's a religion!