Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thumbs down - Last weekend, I picked up "Ender's Game" because I heard it was some kind of sci-fi masterpiece. It wasn't awful and the plot was somewhat engaging, but I just couldn't get past the dialogue. The story's protagonist is taken to a military school at age six but he has all the mannerisms of an adult, behavior that doesn't change a bit over time. I don't care how far in the future this story is set, or how much of a genius Ender is supposed to be: a six-year-old simply doesn't have the emotional and intellectual development to behave the way that Ender did in this book. It was a constant distraction, so I'm going to have to pan the book.


James said...

Have you read any of Ian Banks Sci Fi? It doesn't get any better

The Window Manager said...

I, too, thought it was so-so, but for slightly different reasons. It was a good read, but I was overwhelemed.

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David said...

The same reason I didn't enjoy the Harry Potter books. Even more than the authors apparent inability to tell a story in a coherent manner so she has to depend on cheap literary tricks to resolve the conflicts in the story. I could not enjoy stories full of kids that don't behave like kids. I'm a sports coach for 10-16 year old girls and none of them talk, act, or solve problems like the kids in the Harry Potter world. Those stories are full of adults masquerading as children.

BTW I did enjoy the Ender's series of books, once I stopped thinking of Ender as a kid.