Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pre-screened questioned from handpicked questioners - Minuteman: "Orchestrated when Bush did it." Obama...not so much. At least not without his teleprompter.

Extra - Media skepticism from Hoystory.

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Anonymous said...

Of course, the offending articles were all written before the event took place. The first cited Times article includes this credulous, kissass passage, buried all the way down in the 2nd paragraph:
"He [Obama] even coached them on the language they should use with lawmakers, two of the governors said, advising them to avoid terms like “rationing” and “managed care"

Today, the first Times article describing the actual event begins:
President Obama returned to the familiar trappings of a political campaign on Wednesday, holding a town-hall-style meeting

From paragraph #4:
the White House sought to rally public support by staging a friendly forum...

From paragraph #6:
The president ultimately took seven questions, including four that had been selected by aides... Three questions were from members of the audience, all of whom were associated with groups close to the Democratic Party.

From paragraph #9:
“WOW! A question from a guy who works for Health Care for America Now, an organization promoting President Obama’s government-run plan. Coincidence?” wrote Matt Moon, a deputy research director at the [RNC].

Poor, poor Republicans. Forever the media's victim, and its master too.