Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jake Tapper elicits a LOL moment - I'm watching Obama's press conference and ABC News asked (paraphrasing) if Americans will have to make any sacrifice at all for government-run health care. Obama's rough answer: "no."

This is willful naivete. Obama cannot possibly believe that we can spend $1.5 trillion dollars and force (according to the CBO) tens of millions of people off private insurance without causing pain. He can't believe that there will not be some kind of health care rationing if millions of Americans join a government-run program. Is he aware of the country called "Canada"? Has he seen the problems caused by the public program in Massachusetts, where costs have run at twice the original estimates?

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skeneogden said...

If you don't believe that Obama is an inveterate liar then that leaves on a psychosis of some kind. What would drive a man to willfully ignore that which everyone else can see?

It's the raw aggregation of power to the Dems that is behind his obsession with health care. Make a few million more people beholden to the Dems for something as important as health care and you've created a credible majority vote for some time to come.

Obama isn't a leader, he's a power broker, one that will never have to endure what most of the rest of the country will under his health plan. You see, like Ted Kennedy, he's already grabbed his brass ring.