Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shut up!” they explained

From the Boston Globe: “Bloggers battle old-school media for political clout

When a writer for The New Republic, the 92-year-old doyen of elite Washington opinion journals, accused the nation's most prominent political blogger of using his online clout to hush up a potential scandal involving a former business partner, he knew there might be some backlash from the so-called ``new media."

But he didn't expect death threats.

This wasn't meant to be a big fight," a tired-sounding Jason Zengerle, senior editor for The New Republic, said in a telephone interview last week.
It sounds to me like Zengerle will be facing more enlightened dissent in the form of salad dressing and cream pies.

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Karen said...

Seems to me this is the money paragraph:

"The liberal blogosphere are a group of people who feel incredibly disenfranchised. They feel their country's been hijacked and they're essentially powerless and the only way to stop it is to scream as loudly as you can..."
-- Franklin Foer, editor, The New Republic