Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It’s primary night in Georgia – Have voters in the Fourth District finally had their fill of cop-slappin’, no-legislation-passin’, debate-ducker Cynthia McKinney? As of this writing (10:30 EST) with 27% of precincts reporting, she’s losing to Hank Johnson 48.8%-41.2%.

More – Follow the tracking on this Free Republic thread. Gotta go to bed.

Follow-up – With 59% reporting, it’s a dead heat! She’ll probably pull it out. After all, she gerrymandered the district.


Anonymous said...

After all, she gerrymandered the district.

Call her Cynthia "the Hammer"!

Unlike Tom DeLay, she has no mug shot.

Anonymous said...

98% of precincts reporting
John F. Coyne, III 5,214 8.6%
Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr. 27,075 44.5%
Cynthia McKinney 28,505 46.9%

Oh snap! "Hank" got bitch slapped!

Anonymous said...

So. This means a run-off, no? Isn't that generally a sign of weakness in an incumbent? Will the 3% who didn't vote for McKinney (Nutcase, GA) vote for her now?

Anonymous said...

Incumbent McKinney was defeated in the 2002 Democratic primary, and lost her seat. Now that's a sign of weakness.

In 2004, after the seat was vacated, McKinney ran and won, but just barely topped 50% to avoid a runoff. This time, with half as many candidates on the ballot, her opponents just barely forced a runoff.

The district has been in play for the last few elections. It ain't like this is Strom Thurmond's or Teddy Kennedy's lifetime seat we're talking about.