Saturday, July 15, 2006

President Bush may speak at NAACP convention

From the NY Times:

After not appearing before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for five years, President Bush has tentatively agreed to speak to the group on Wednesday in what aides said was the latest White House effort to improve relations with African-American leaders.
Is it a good idea to lend credibility to this *cough* “non-partisan” *cough* group? Just pick a random paragraph from chairman Julian Bond’s speech to the 2005 convention to see the hard-left ideology wrapped in a victim mentality. Here’s a good one:

They’re waging class war from the top down, literally taking food from the mouths of poor children and giving more largess to millionaires.”

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Unknown said...

You've never seen a Republican literally take food from the mouth of a child? You're just not looking hard enough. You haven't lived until you've seen that spectacle!

I don't think Bush should appear before the NAACP. He has rightfully demonized and ostracized that group. They're a joke and I think the black community even knows it. I do think Bush should continue to reach out to other, more reputable black groups, though. Why legitimize the NAACP, though, and undo the justifiable seclusion they've earned?