Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Amazing Race update – Team Africa wins the Race!

TAR recap: Peru, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, India, Turkey, England

The final three teams started out from London, England and made way for Kingston, Jamaica and Frenchman’s Cove for the next clue. Of course, the first direct flight doesn’t leave for hours and hours, so all the teams are bunched onto the same flight. This gives Team America a long stretch to bicker and Ron makes it clear that he’s not ready for marriage. Kelly weeps and smudges her makeup. Oh well.

At Frenchman’s Cove, teams hit the first Roadblock and this is a creative one. One team member has eight chances to limbo under a limbo bar; the lower the person can limbo, the earlier they can depart from the beach the next morning. All the women (Joyce, Amber & Kelly) do this one; Amber & Kelly get an 8:15 departure and Joyce goes to 8:30am.

After a night on the beach, the teams head off to Grant’s Level and the next clue. Detour: Raft It or Build It. Teams must either go down a river eight miles on a bamboo raft or build a bamboo raft and simply cross the river for the next clue. All teams decide to build a raft but only Team Africa decides to wear work gloves as they hammer together bamboo and tie wire around the bamboo. Yet again, here’s another great task for Team Survivor since Rob is a construction worker and built a raft on Survivor. Maybe there will be a coconut-eating contest later. Anyway, the next clue informs teams to head to the Pit Stop at Montego Bay.

All three teams finish the tasks and take taxis to the Pit Stop - and all three taxis need to stop for gas. Then, past the gas station, there’s a random police check and Rob & Amber are pulled over. (Karma! It’s karma!) Team Africa and Team America race ahead of them, laughing all the way. But then a couple miles down the road, Uchenna & Joyce’s taxi gets a flat tire and they need to stop. (Reverse karma!) Back on the road, all three teams are taking different paths to the Round Hill Hotel and it’s anybody’s guess who will arrive first.

It’s Team America as Team #1, followed seconds behind by Team Survivor. Team Africa arrives a moment later as the last team…but…it’s the final non-elimination leg of the Amazing Race so they’re still in the competition.


#1 – Team America – Ron & Kelly
#2 – Team Survivor – Rob & Amber
#3 – Team Africa – Uchenna & Joyce – NON-ELIMINATION LEG

Second half: teams start out from Jamaica in the final leg in the race for one million dollars. They start out for Lucea where teams must pick up a sack of onions and take it to a restaurant and chop ‘em up. Ron & Kelly refuse to share a taxi with Team Survivor then tell their driver not to call up a driver for them. Because they came in last, Team Africa has no money and it’s impossible for them to beg money or find free transportation in the middle of the night. At one point they’re talking to some ambulance drivers but they can’t help. Eventually they find a kind soul who takes them to the airport where they can beg for cash.

Rob & Amber arrive first and start chopping up 50 onions. Ron & Kelly arrive soon afterward and we hear that Kelly isn’t used to chopping things – shock. Meanwhile, poor Uchenna & Joyce can’t seem to find anybody in the airport willing to give them a couple bucks. (Side discussion: it seems that teams are allow to say they’re “in a race” but not that they’re in “The Amazing Race.” Hmmm…) Eventually, they scrape up $40 and find a driver to take them to chop onions. Meanwhile, Team Survivor finishes their task and head to Rose Hall and the next clue.

At Rose Hall, both Team Survivor and Team America arrive together. Detour: Pony Up or Tee it Up. Teams must either take horses into the water and allow them to swim around a buoy or hit golf balls until they land one ball onto a small green. Both teams decide to tee it up and they must take turns until they hit the green. Everybody sucks, but Rob hits the green and Team Survivor receives the next clue telling them to head to San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, they arrive too late to catch the early flight despite their pleas. Rob disgustingly says something like “my mother's sick” then “this could change my life.” Yes, winning another million dollars changes everything. Putz.

Team Survivor makes the first flight to San Juan and Team America is on a flight three hours later. Rob & Amber are shown arriving in Puerto Rico just as Uchenna & Joyce are arriving at Rose Hall to tee it up. Team Survivor finds the next clue and must drive themselves to a sugar refinery. The teams are really splitting up now with Team Survivor way ahead and Team Africa way behind.

No matter! The sugar refinery doesn’t open until 7:30 in the morning so all the teams are bunched up again and it’s a brand new race. In the morning the teams race into the refinery to a Roadblock: one team member must jump off a 35 ft. high bridge then swim to a buoy. Ron jumps for Team America, then Uchenna for Team Africa. Inexplicably, Team Survivor gets lost finding the bridge and for the jillioneth time this episode we hear Rob say “This could have cost us a million bucks.” He’ll fill that in as his catchphrase on the application for “The Amazing Race – All Stars.”

Teams must now travel to Miami, Florida and find the Rickenbacker Causeway for the next clue. On the drive to the San Juan airport, all the teams are together again. Ron & Kelly take a wrong turn and the sniping starts up. Meanwhile, Team Survivor and Team Africa both book an 11:15 flight to Miami but somehow Rob finds out there’s a flight boarding that very moment and he and Amber race down to the gate. Son of a....they get on the flight.

But wait! Back from commercial, they move the gangway back to the plane and let Uchenna & Joyce on! Rob says “this sucks” but not “that may have cost us a million dollars.” With Ron & Kelly on the later flight, it looks like it’s a race between these two teams. At the causeway in Miami, teams find the next clue and must head to Little Havana and find the “King of the Havanas.” Team Survivor gets bad directions and are sent to a corner 14 streets past the right location. Team Africa find the Cuban cigar store right away and are instructed to head to the finish line.

Best moment: Rob is looking for the King of the Havanas and sees a sign with a crown. Oh, no, it’s the Tire King.

Team Africa is racing to Fort Lauderdale and the finish line but they don’t have enough cash to pay the taxi driver. Uchenna starts begging people as they’re driving (leaning out the window) with little luck. When they arrive, they need to pay the driver as they are standing right outside the finish line. Team Survivor is catching up…but Team Africa is still a couple bucks short. Finally the cab driver gives them a break and they sprint into the park and to the finish line.

After an agonizing amount of time, Team Africa races to Phil and arrives as Team #1 to win the Amazing Race. They’re really ecstatic and Uchenna gushes in tribute to the other teams assembled; Joyce is weeping yet again. All the other teams are thrilled to death that it wasn’t Team Survivor and Rob & Amber receive a smattering of applause as they arrive as Team #2. Team America arrives as Team #3 and Kelly brings up marriage again in front of a speechless Ron.

Final standings (as predicted!)

#1 – Team Africa – Uchenna & Joyce – WINNERS of THE AMAZING RACE 7
#2 – Team Survivor – Rob & Amber
#3 – Team America – Ron & Kelly

Great race – see you next time.

Extra – Kris has her final TAR7 analysis. Hey Kris, it’s been great working together!


Anonymous said...

I would have stopped watching TAR altogether if Rob and Amber had won.

Anonymous said...

You too Eric. I'm going to miss the Race this summer, but I'll be back for TAR Family this Fall.

But God, does this mean we have to talk about politics again? :-)


Eric said...

I've been saving a tape of an older season my kids haven't seen to watch this summer.

As for politics, yeah, I guess. So many young minds to mold into our eee-vil Republican ways. Bwa-ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

It'd be nice if they came out with TAR DVDs so a)I'd finally be forced to be a DVD player and b)I could see season 1 for the first time. That'd be a nice way to fill the long TARless days of the summer. Otherwise, I might be forced to fill the reality TV void with Big Brother (shudder)


Anonymous said...

Season one was a hoot! Team Guido stole the show. I was thinking about them tonight for some reason there at the end, remembering how that show ended.

Come on, Eric. We NEED a The Amazing Race All-Star edition! Wouldn't it be great to see some of the old teams return?

I am never gonna convince you on this one, am I?

Pat said...

Great finish, although I thought some parts were a little too perfect.

I was amused when Rob chose the golfing. Back in Survivor All-Stars he won a reward challenge where he and a couple others went out to a yacht and partied it up. They found some golf clubs and balls and started hitting them off the back of the yacht. Rob made some comment about being on his high school golf team, then displayed an awful swing, at the end of which he lost control of the club and it went into the ocean. So he's definitely strictly a hacker and a BS artist besides.

Thanks for letting me piggyback on your traffic and thanks for encouraging me by your posts to watch the Amazing Race--I definitely enjoyed the season!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Viking Pundit! Your recaps made me curious about the Amazing Race and I started watching it this season and was instantly hooked. I was literally jumping up and down when I saw that Uchenna and Joyce were going to win.

Anonymous said...

Viking Pundit, great recaps all season. I hope you keep doing them for future seasons.

Just some notes, I think it was obvious the first leg last night was a non-elimination leg since Phil has been saying all along that there was three non-elimination legs and we had only two all year.

Also, I realize that there is a lot of editing that goes on, but I really wonder if Team Survivor was really that close in the end. Uchenna gave a pretty lengthy victory speech before Rob and Amber showed up. Of course the producers could have held Rob and Amber outside the gates to whatever park they were in until Uchenna and Joyce were officially delcared the winner.

Eric said...

Brit - Welcome to the TAR family!

Lorie - NEVER! (on All-Stars)

By the way, in the opening recap of the show, I noticed that even the TAR took note that Rob & Amber were "capitalizing on their celebrity." I very much doubt TAR will feature such a team again.

Eric said...

Dave - In the past it's been whenever a team shows up, they show up. I've seen many a victory speech interrupted by an arriving team. I also believe Team Survivor was far behind Uchenna & Joyce.

What I thought was interesting was whether Team Africa *had* to pay the cab driver before they ran to the finish line. Is there some Race rule on stiffing a cabbie? It seemed like they could have run in and borrowed a couple bucks from Lynn & Alex who would have been thrilled to give them the cash just to keep Team Survivor from winning.


Roland said...

You're not allowed to do anything illegal on the race, like breaking the speed limit if you're doing the driving. They'll penalize you. If you can get your cabbie to agree to forgive your debt like Chip (of Chip&Kim) did last season, that's fine. But it the cabbie demands payment, you would have to render it or risk breaking the law and the rules.

I still don't understand the Rob hate. U&C raced pretty well, and I'm totally glad to see them win, but I always root for whoever plays the most like I would, and in this case, it was R&A.

Great season, and thanks for the summaries.

Dr. Eirik said...

I wondered if it might not be a TAR rule, prehaps one implimented after Chip and Kim stiffed a cabbie in Dubai.

Uchenna seemed the type to feel obligated to pay the cabbie, even if it wasn't a rule, but I also doubt that he wanted to have his victory speech interuppted by a Miami cop arresting him.

Dr. Eirik said...


I understand the hate, I think. Rob comes across as swarmy half the time and they have already won a million, which translates to about, what, $600,000 after taxes.

Though as someone else pointed out, this is the first time that people have hated a set of racers because they have money. Certainly Chip and Kim from season five were well off, they were business owners who appeared successful. Spazzpants, while hated for other reasons, was obviously reasonably well off. And someone over on Television Without Pity pointed out, it's entirely possible that Merideth and Gretchen were very well off.

Ken Begg said...

It is funny, because the hatred of Rob & Amber was in essence your typical liberal whining: "Those guys have got enough money, I hope they lose. They're smug and blah blah blah." Was anyone arguing that they weren't a terrifically skilled team, probably the single best one in the race? Because that would be a difficult argument to make.

And as for their celebrity status being a plus, I think that's true, but not as much as you might think. I think the reason they got tour guides is because they constantly asked people to help. When the other teams did the same thing, they generally got help, too (I think because of the camera teams--everyone wants to be on TV), but R&A were the only ones to systematically seek a helper. Expect to see savvy teams in the future doing this too.

I'm happy with the outcome (other than seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the teams I couldn't stand, like Team Weird Incest Vibe and Team Gay Stereotype, when R&A lost), because Uchenna and Joyce were the only team roughly equal to Rob and Amber in playing skills and teamwork, as well as the only other team that seemed to be having as much fun and, frankly, the only other team where the couple actually seemed to like each other nearly as much.

Also, the best moment of the show was when Ron talked about the fear he no doubt had inspired in Rob, and they instantly cut to Rob grinning his ass off in the lead.

Roland said...

Yeah, I thought that Romber and team Africa were definitely the best racers by far. Ron and Kelly had the raw materials, but they just couldn't get it together.

I've also thought the same thing about people's whining about Romber. It's the liberal line of "You already won once! Why should you get to win again?!" Correct answer: "Because we can." I've also noticed many people in the past coopting folks to help them on their way, throughout the history of the show, and always thought it was a smart move. I'm sure Romber's celebrity status helped, but I think that having a camera crew running around with them helped even more, especially in the less-developed countries. Also, from watching Survivor and TAR, I'm guessing that one of Rob's biggest talents is getting people to do what he asks them to do.

Also, TAR editors totally deserve every Emmy they get.

mrb said...

One question that begs to be asked is when was the last time anyone has seen a major airline go back to the gate to get passengers who were barely on the standby list?

The scene at the San Juan airport with Team Africa making the flight to Miami with Rob and Amber struck me as highly improbable. Obviously, if Team Africa had not made that flight, the suspenseful sprint at the end probably would not have happened.

Fausta said...

mrb, I was wondering about that, too. Was there some "divine intercesion" from CBS?

At the same time, I was appalled at the lack of security at the San Juan airport, since both teams could just run in and get in the plane, and Rob said they'd leave their luggage in the plane, which apparently they did.

mrb said...


American Airlines happened to be a major sponsor of TAR! Regarding the security, I live in the USVI, and fly out of San Juan often. Security is normally very tight. I have a feeling they edited out the time spent through customs.


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