Friday, January 21, 2005

The Swag-dance film festival opens

The national assembly of Hollywood lefties known as the Sundance Film Festival opened yesterday. Aging actor Robert Redford spoke:

"This is really a festival about different voices in film that really reflect, a little more accurately, the world we live in," Redford said.
Holy cannoli, can I get an invite to that world? From Page Six:

The Sundance Film Festival, which opened yesterday in Park City, Utah, is more commercial than ever. At the Motorola Lodge, celebs get free phones, Escada dresses, Kiehl's products and Mercedes loaners. On Main Street, Hewlett-Packard is giving out iPods, cameras, computers and printers. Nearby is the Levi's ranch where jeans, Xboxes and Ray-Bans are doled out. Seven jeans, Swarovski crystal and Cake makeup have a celebrity dressing suite at the Goldener Hirsh Inn. The Park City satellite of Marquee will be pouring Crown Royale for celebs, while Fred Segal has set up a spa at the Village at the Lift right next to the Yahoo! Café and the Timberland suite. One lucky winner at the Hewlett-Packard & Entertainment Weekly party tomorrow night will go home with a $25,000 gift bag including an all-expense-paid trip to South Beach, Adam + Eve intimate apparel, AG Jeans, a spa weekend in Arizona and goodies from MAC Cosmetics.
Hey, it’s all about the art, man!

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