Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Gore disease spreads - Captain Ed noticed the same fallacy in Kerry’s whine: “The complaints center on Cuyahoga County, of course, where Cleveland voters complained of standing in line for hours due to the lack of voting machines, a side effect of the higher turnout from 2000. However, what Kerry doesn't mention -- again -- is that Cuyahoga County election officials are Democrats, not Republicans. The county goes heavily Democratic in elections at all levels. If anyone screwed Cuyahoga County voters, it's the Democrats who have always promised their minority-bloc voters the moon and delivered below subsistence.” (Hat tip: Young Pundits)


jaws said...

The Cuyahoga County Election Chairperson is none other than Michael Vu (Democrat).

On the topic of "disenfranchised voters", see this post of mine from today. The whole myth is destroyed. :)

Anonymous said...

Franklin County (Columbus) is also Democratically controlled and a source of unhappiness for Democrats complaining about voting lines.