Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I can stop anytime I want to!

From the Atlantic magazine’s Primary Sources – “Addicted to DSL”:

What happens when Internet users are taken offline? To find out, Yahoo and the media agency OMD commissioned a cruel study: a group of Internet users were unhooked for a two-week period and asked to record in diaries what they did and how they felt. The diary entries were almost uniformly miserable: the subjects discovered—doubtless to Yahoo's delight—that the Internet was more deeply embedded in their daily lives than they had realized.
Also, scroll down to “The Costs of Doing Business” for the nitty-gritty on a World Bank report suggesting that poor countries remain poor because of unfathomable corruption and bureaucratic regulation that stifles business development.

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opine6 said...

And I just saw a report today that said if we just spent another $100B, in the next ten years, we could solve world poverty. Imelda, are you listening?

I am 62 years old, and we have continued to send money to governments and organizations (UN) and the problem stays the same. Money isn't the answer. Good management of the money is the answer.