Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Reflections on the responsibilities of leadership

Here’s President Bush speaking to the Wall Street Journal:

I think it's a very important part of the debate -- and the opinion makers are beginning to show up and express their opinions, people beginning to opine about this, that or the other. And all the opinions matter, and we're listening very carefully. In the end what matters is reforming the system so that it is not -- doesn't 20 years from now pop back up on a President's screen saying, oh, goodness, we got to do this again.

… there is a divide in America -- the seniors obviously don't want anything done to the system. And I interpret that to mean they don't even want anything done to their check. They want the promises fulfilled, which will happen.

Now, there's a whole generation of people coming up -- you've seen the sea change. I mean, the issue has changed in our lifetime very quickly, our political lifetime. I mean, it really has; it has shifted, because a lot of people don't think they're ever going to see a dime. And, to me, that is an opportunity to get something done.
And here’s insouciant Congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT):

"Why stir up a political hornet's nest . . . when there is no urgency?" said Rep. Rob Simmons (Conn.), who represents a competitive district. "When does the program go belly up? 2042. I will be dead by then."
Truly a profile in courage.

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Anonymous said...

Congressman Simmons' attitude is similar to that of European elites toward radical Islam. "The problem won't be serious for another generation or two, and with our birthrate, why bother caring?"