Thursday, June 15, 2017

When the shoe's on the other foot

Hot Air: "The Washington Post Has Suddenly Forgotten How The ‘Climate Of Hate’ Works."  "If you want to say that the right is wrong to connect the shooting to left-wing rhetoric, fine. I’m all for blaming the shooter. But you can’t denounce the right for making the “climate of hate” argument without first admitting the left was wrong to make the same sort of argument back then when there was a chance for them to blame it on the right."

Extra - Hit and Run: "Bernie Sanders Links Political Rhetoric to Violence When ‘Right-Wing,’ Not When Perpetrated by His Own Volunteer."

And this - Today's NY Times editorial is its usual drivel, notable only for dragging out this old chestnut: "NYT still peddling trash about Palin and the Gabrielle Giffords shooting."

More - City Journal: "Incitement to ViolenceThe Left has raised America’s political temperature to the boiling point."


Anonymous said...

Hot Air: "Sanders has not, so far as I’m aware, ever called for people to get violent. But that’s not necessary to invoke the 'climate of hate'."

My, but that's a convenient equivalency.

I know some people can't get through a day without a delicious bowl of whataboutism, but jeez. Try harder.

Eric said...

Well, when Sanders says "Take your anger out on the right people", 99% of people are going to recognize it as a call to political action. Then there's the other 1%.

Anonymous said...

The right hates free speech, a continuing series.