Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hope springs eternal

In the loony left.  Hot Air: "Feinstein: Let’s Get This Obstruction Of Justice Train Rolling Anyway"
During the endless ratings bonanza which was the Comey testimony, you may recall that the former FBI Director was asked multiple times in several variations of wording about what the President said to him about the Flynn investigation and, in a more general sense, all of the Russia questions. Was he asked to drop the investigation? No. Was he told to drop the investigation? No. Was he ordered to drop the investigation? Again and again… no. And did he, after all the inferences and “hopes” allegedly expressed by the President of the United States, actually wind up dropping the investigation? Nope.
If that was a case of obstruction of justice in the legal sense, the would-be obstructionist was really bad at their job.
Yesterday, the Politics subreddit over at Reddit was all a-flutter because somebody found three obstruction cases where somebody had been convicted while using the word "hope".  In one case, it was an unambiguous threat: "I hope you aren't doing what I think your doing because that's unhealthy."  Another case didn't have the word "hope" in it at all and the last one was in the context of hiding evidence.  All this was detailed by one poster in response so, of course, he was downvoted into oblivion.


Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Well, they managed to Gaslight the country into getting rid of Nixon on this laughable charge, why wouldn't they try to get us to forget Article Two, Section Two again?

Fred LaRue said...

Free Tricky Dick!