Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When a "cut" is "spending not rising as much as predicted"

Fox News: "Fact Check: Dem claims that Senate bill guts Medicaid ignore billions in new funding."  "According to the latest ‘score’ from the Congressional Budget Office, Medicaid spending would rise from $393 billion in 2017 to $464 billion in 2026—that’s a $71 billion, or 18 percent, increase."

Also, Rich Lowry explains the perverse incentives in the current Medicaid spending that is driving up costs to ever-higher levels.


Anonymous said...

Inflation, what a concept. The Ming Dynasty's economists understood it 600 years ago; today, loyal Republicans pretend not to.

Anonymous said...

Ed Kilgore:
According to CBO’s best estimates BCRA will undershoot by $772 billion what it costs to provide the same Medicaid services to the people now deemed eligible. And that’s a “cut.”

...Gingrich did not win that argument with Clinton then, and Trump is not likely to win it now, particularly since congressional Republicans, whether or not they support their party’s health-care plans, are not buying this line. When real, live people lose things they would otherwise have, they have been “cut.” Pretending otherwise represents ignorance at best and cynical demagoguery at worst.