Monday, June 26, 2017

Stay on Trump's travel ban lifted

Daily Caller: "Supreme Court Allows Travel Ban To Take Effect."  "The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will review lower court rulings blocking enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugee and migrant entry, and stayed injunctions barring the order’s enforcement."

Well, mostly: it looks like there's a "friends and family" clause but that's a narrow classification.


Anonymous said...

That narrow classification covers literally every plaintiff in all of the travel ban challenges.

Anonymous said...

Besides noting the above point, the Washington Post's Aaron Blake adds:

If the lower courts had upheld the ban and this had been appealed to the Supreme Court by the other side, the narrative today would be that the Supreme Court just put part of Trump's travel ban on hold.

This is the revised, scaled-back version of Trump's initial travel ban... just a few weeks ago, Trump didn't seem to be a big fan of Version 2.0, tweeting, “The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C.” We are now to believe that a ban Trump suggested was inadequate and “watered down” is some big victory for his agenda?

The White House initially pitched this as temporary travel ban needed to address an urgent national security concern... It said it needed 90 days to do that (120 days for refugees); it's now been 150 days since the first attempt at a travel ban and 102 since the second (with no attacks by immigrants or refugees), but apparently the ban is still necessary? Even in their ruling, the judges seemed to allude to the idea that their input might be moot because that window had passed. Here's what the justices wrote:
In addition to the issues identified in the petitions, the parties are directed to address the following question: “Whether the challenges to §2(c) became moot on June 14, 2017.”

Monday's ruling is a win for Trump only insofar as it wasn't another big setback — something he's become accustomed to both legislatively and in the courts. But this is a temporary ruling that is still blocking part of a signature executive order that Trump apparently isn't a huge fan of in the first place. For a president who said we'd grow tired of winning with him, to claim this as a big victory is pretty telling.