Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sic semper tyrannis

Robert Reich is upset that "we're all becoming independent contractors."  He really doesn't like Uber because people use their free will to enter into an agreement to give rides to other people and make money using their own cars.  He would prefer if all Americans follow the General Motors model of generous benefits punctuated by periodic bankruptcies.

Clearly, such a change to labor laws compelling corporations to do away with independent contractors should be vetted in the appropriate Congressional committees, debated in the House and Senate, then passed on to the President for approval.

Ha-ha, just kidding:
Congress doesn't have to pass a new law to make this the test of employment. Federal agencies such as the Labor Department and the IRS have the power to do this on their own, through their rule making authority.
They should do so. Now.
For your own good, peasants.  Your Uber ride to the airport is now $230.

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