Friday, February 27, 2015

Show them the money

This is a good overview: "The Clinton Foundation Scandals, ExplainedEverything you need to know about the shady dealings of the Clinton family's global corporate charity conglomerate."
Is it normal to be so rich, yet so obsessed with money?
It’s not unusual, but yeah, this is pretty absurd.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing: is this a psychological defect with the Clintons?  I know that Bill came from humble beginnings and maybe there's this urge for the security of financial means.  But the cash-grabbing of the Clinton Foundation is over-the-top.  Here's a tidbit from Powerline: "Will the Clintons' greed do them in?"
Moreover, there is reason to suspect that the Clinton Foundation has served as a slush fund to finance the Clintons’ private enjoyments. The New York Post reported in 2013 that the Clinton Foundation had spent more than $50 million on travel expenses since 2003. Think about that: $50 million! That would cover a lot of the globe-trotting for which the Clintons are famous.
Look, I realize this includes a staff and some far-flung locales, but $50 million?  C'mon.  I'm sure Hillary justifies it with the same mindset as the "woe-is-me we were dead broke" statement.

ICYMI - Cha-ching!  $300,000 payday on Tuesday talking to Silicon Valley corporations.  Nice work if you can get it.


Unknown said...

Eric - you forgot to mention that, during her trip, she had a one-on-one meeting with the man who gave Chelsea a seat on his corporate board paying $300,000 a year. Chelsea's main qualification being, of course, access to her parents.

Anonymous said...

I hear another trick of the Clintons to pull in more money is to suggest to donors that they put some money into Chelsea Clinton's husband's awful hedge fund.